bag in box for wineOptopack Ltd. specializes in development and manufacturing of bag-in-box solutions that are used mainly for premium wines, table wines and home wines.

The bags are offered in various volumes and with a wide range of pouring systems.

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Bag in box for beveragesOptopack’s bag-in-box solutions for fruit and vegetable juice extend the shelf life and keep the product fresh for a longer period of time.

This type of packaging is lightweight, prevents waste, and no refrigeration or freezing is required. Products are always ready to serve when needed.

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Post-Mix Syrups

bag in box for post-mix syrups

The post-mix system is suitable for outlets that serve large amounts of soft drinks quickly, such as a sports stadium or a busy fast-food restaurant.

Bag-in-box packaging provides an efficient and convenient distribution format for post-mix syrups.

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Optopack’s bag-in-box solutions for water provide a convenient distribution format which becomes an equally effective dispensing system.

The bags are sealed and hygienic. They provide excellent protection for the product and ensure long shelf life.

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