Bag-in-Box Quality Control System

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Our Bag-in-Box inspection system provides 100% defects rejection!

Our fully automatic inspection solution for industrial use creates the perfect basis for reliable and efficient control of processes and product quality. Every product is machine tested by 27 indicators.

We give 100% guarantee that every Bag-In-Box which comes out of our factory is passing through a complete visual quality inspection, thus helping us to deliver superior products to our customers.

Inspected BiB Films:

  • EVOH Films, METPET Films, LLDPE/MDPE Films

Inspected Taps and Glands:

  • Vitop, iTap, SnapCap, White Oil Cap and unlimited number of new Taps and Glands

Detected defects / measured dimensions:

  • Seal Defects ( width errors, missing parts, pin holes, cold seals, overheted seals)
  • Tap errors (missing parts, wrong shape, tap wrong orientation, tap to gland wrong distance)
  • BiB dimensions -A, B, C, D, E
  • BiB contaminations


  • Presentation of Bag-in-Box inspection system – Download PDF



  • BiB Inspection system
  • BiB Inspection System
  • Bag-in-box Inspection system
  • Bag-in-box Inspection System


  • Bag-in-Box for Wine
  • bag-in-box-for-juice
    Bag-in-Box for Juice
  • Bag-in-Box for Water
  • Bag-in-Box for Liquid Eggs

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