Bag-in-box for Wine

Maximize consumers’ experience with Bag-in-Box for wine

The demand for Bag-In-Box packages for wine is increasing on the world market. These bags are used by leading wineries and winemakers all over the world.

Optopack Ltd. specializes in development and manufacturing of bag-in-box solutions that are used mainly for premium wines, table wines and home wines. The bags are offered in various volumes and with a wide range of pouring systems.


  • Excellent O2 barrier
  • Shelf life unopened 6-9 months
  • Stays fresh 4-6 weeks after opening
  • Easy, one-handed dispense
  • 38% lighter than 4 glass bottles
  • 98% filled pack pallet efficiency (40% better than glass)
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Big advertisement surface on box


  • Bag volumes: 1.5-28 L
  • Popular volumes: 3, 5, 10L
  • Bag materials: MetPet/ PE or EVOH/ PE
  • Fully recyclable


  • Filling and Transport of Wine in Bag-in-Box – Download PDF
  • Guide for Good Practices for Wine in Bag-in-Box – Download PDF

wine bag in box


  • Bag-in-Box for Wine
  • Vitop® tap
  • Bag-in-Tube
  • Dispenser Machine for Wine

100% Bag-in-Box Quality Guarantee


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