Bag-in-Box for Post-Mix Syrups

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A convenient distribution format for Post-Mix Syrups

Post-mix refers to the system in which a flavored syrup (concentrate) of the soft drink is shipped to the retailer, usually in a returnable tank or a disposable bag-in-box container.

At the point of sale, the soft drink is mixed to order from the post-mix syrup, chilled and purified water, and carbon dioxide (from a gas cylinder), and usually dispensed from a soda fountain or soda gun.

A post-mix dispenser is a more sophisticated device than a premix dispenser.

The post-mix system is suitable for outlets that serve large amounts of soft drinks quickly, such as a sports stadium or a busy fast-food restaurant.

Bag-in-box packaging provides an efficient and convenient distribution format for post-mix syrups.


  • Product preservation
  • Fully recyclable
  • Recyclable and returnable transit packaging options
  • Box systems to optimise distribution and shelf dispense


  • Fast food outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Cinemas

post mix syrup


  • Post-Mix System
  • Adaptor for CMB Connector
  • Post-Mix System
  • Bag-in-Box for Post-Mix Syrups
  • Post-Mix System

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