Bag-in-Box for Juice

Extend the shelf life of juice with Bag-In-Box packaging

Optopack’s bag-in-box solutions for fruit and vegetable juice extend the shelf life and keep the product fresh for a longer period of time.

This type of packaging is lightweight, prevents waste, and no refrigeration or freezing is required. Products are always ready to serve when needed and you can reach consumers safely, sustainably and economically.


  • Very low investment (no investment for small fruit growers)
  • Energy saving (no return and cleaning of bottles)
  • Hygienic dispensing, extended shelf life after first dispense (6-12 weeks)
  • User-friendly, easy handling for children
  • Big advertisement surface on box
  • Better pallet efficiency than buckets/ big glass bottles
  • Lightweight package (before and after filling), stock saving
  • Less waste, in some cases boxes are reused


  • Bag volumes: 3-20 L
  • Popular volumes: 3, 5, 10 L
  • Bag material: EVOH/MET for filling temperature: + 78-85 C (pasteurisation )
  • Popular Closures: Vitop, aseptic Vitop

bag in box for juice


  • bag-in-box-for-juice
    Bag-in-Box for Juice
  • Vitop Aseptic Tap
  • Bag-in-Box for Juice
  • Dispenser Machine for Juice

100% Bag-in-Box Quality Guarantee


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