Bag-in-Box for Water

Fresh-tasting water without the wasteful plastic bottle

Optopack’s bag-in-box solutions for water provide a convenient distribution format which becomes an equally effective dispensing system for self-service commercial vending or domestic consumption.

The bags are sealed and hygienic, and provide excellent protection for the packaged product. They are equipped with quality accessories and efficient pouring systems which ensure cleanliness, prevent content leakage and maintain long shelf life.


  • Extended shelf life (1 year before/ 6-12 weeks after opening)
  • Half the weight of comparable polycarbonate packaging
  • Reduced contamination risk – Air not introduced during dispense
  • Better pallet efficiency than buckets/ big glass bottles
  • Eliminates cost of collecting and cleaning empty containers
  • User-friendly, easy handling for children
  • Good drop-strength with no shatter
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Big advertisement surface on box


  • Popular volumes: 5, 10, 20 L
  • Bag material: EVOH/ additive free PE
  • Popular Closures: Blue and White version of Vitop

Bag-In-Box for water


  • Bag-in-Box for Water
  • Vitop Blue & White
  • Bag-in-Box for Water
  • Bag-In-Box for Water

100% Bag-in-Box Quality Guarantee


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